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Financing Growth

If you want to secure funding the growth of your business, acquire a competitor, buyout a business owner or buy a majority stake in another business, our corporate finance advisors will find a financing solution to make the deal happen.

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Alexei Garan
Head of Debt Advisory Practice


We can help you find the right debt or equity funding option to make your acquisition happen.

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We can help you secure the most appropriate debt facilities to finance the growth of your business.

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We can assess your funding capacity and advise on your debt and equity options.

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We can advise on the end-to-end management buy-in financing process to make the MBI happen.

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Management buy-out

We can advise on the end-to-end management buy-out financing process to make the MBO happen.

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Are you sector specialists?

We have specific sector knowledge derived from many years of collective deal making experience. However, we pride ourselves on the diversity of sectors we work with which challenges us to think creatively. This creative and challenging approach brings huge value to our clients when helping them to build robust business cases.

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How do you get paid?

Our fees are predominantly "Success Fees", meaning that we get paid on completion of the deal. We take great care to make sure our fees are aligned with your goals. We take pride in our fees always being a proportion of the value we add.

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Can you get funding from the alternative market lenders?

Yes. This is a strong area of our expertise.

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If I borrow will I have to give a personal guarantee or risk my personal assets?

While a lender will often seek collateral for a loan, if sufficient assets exist within the business then you may not be required to provide security against personal assets. Requirements can vary greatly between lenders.

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Is it prudent to borrow to grow my business?

Yes, if you wish to accelerate growth and provided the level of debt is eminently affordable and does not place undue stress on the business cashflows.

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Is using Shaw & Co the same as using a broker to get finance?

No. Brokers tend to be remunerated by the lenders. We are independent, not influenced by lender commissions and therefore provide a truly client focused service.

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What is the minimum and maximum level of funding you can get me?

Minimum tends to be around £1.5m with no pre-determined maximum.

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What is the value of using a corporate finance advisor to help me secure business funding?

We run a whole of market competitive process to identify the best form of funding while ensuring the business is presented in the most appropriate light.

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We put you first

One of our six promises is to do the right thing and put your interests before ours. We work harder to achieve the best deal for you and your business.

Our experience working with Shaw and Co was a positive one. They helped identify our needs, match our funding needs with an appropriate provider and then executed the deal with the minimum of fuss. It was a very positive experience."

Ryan Gillson, Director
Specialist Glazing Projects Limited


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