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How to deal with a loan covenant breach

Expert opinion


September 15, 2021

Colin Burns is a Director in Shaw & Co's Debt Advisory team. In this article, he provides his advice to business owners who may be suffering financial pressure and be worried about breaching their covenants with their lenders.

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What happened next

Do you ever wonder what happens to a business owner once they've completed a major deal? Did their business go to the next level or did they achieve financial freedom and retire early? Here we interview some of our clients to find out what happened to them - and their businesses - after we helped to make their deal happen.

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Do you sometimes find it hard keeping abreast of all the issues that may affect your business? We know the world is a fast moving place and many business leaders lack the time to keep up to speed. Here we identify and discuss the latest hot topics that may affect the running of your business.

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We're asked for our opinion on a daily basis and as we're professional advisors that's what we expect! We're happy to share our opinion, so whether you want to know what's involved in different types of deal making, or how to avoid common pitfalls associated with buying, selling or funding a business, here is where you can learn more.

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