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Buying a business is a fast way to expand, remove a competitor or acquire a capability your business doesn’t have. But these transactions carry risk if you don’t do the right level of due diligence. Our corporate finance experts will make the deal happen at the right price, on the right terms and with the right funding.

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Daisy Mackay
Helping you buy a business


We can use our industry knowledge to identify targets and make the deal happen.

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We can offer buy-side or sell-side advice on your acquisition strategy and make the MBI happen.

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We can offer buy-side or sell-side advice on your acquisition strategy and make the MBO happen.

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We can advise on the strategic rationale and governance processes, conduct a valuation and make the merger happen.

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Are you a broker?

No, we are not brokers. We are professional advisors. Whilst our role often involves the introduction of parties to a deal, our value is much greater than a simple introduction service. We support you in the development and articulation of your business case, the negotiation of terms and the management of completion - all of which materially improve the end result, adding significant value to your transaction.

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How do you get paid?

Our fees are predominantly "Success Fees", meaning that we get paid on completion of the deal. We take great care to make sure our fees are aligned with your goals. We take pride in our fees always being a proportion of the value we add.

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How can a corporate finance advisor help me?

Corporate finance transactions are not an everyday activity and it is unlikely you will have the up-to-date knowledge you need in your team to navigate a deal. We provide expert advice when you need it to get the right solution for you.

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We put you first

One of our six promises is to do the right thing and put your interests before ours. We work harder to achieve the best deal for you and your business.

We would like to thank Jim and all his team at Shaw & Co for all their help, how they worked alongside John Workman at BPE Solicitors, their positivity, and their great level of professionalism shown throughout the whole acquisition process."

James Strickland, Owner
Neptune Rum


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