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Through our expertise and corporate finance services, we advise technology, media and telecom companies to navigate challenges within this industry. Whether it’s securing funding to support growth, acquiring a competitor during market consolidation, enabling a management buy-out or executing a trade sale, we can make it happen.

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Technology, media & telecom trends

The pandemic has been a catalyst for significant change across multiple parts of the TMT sector. Government restrictions on social distancing has seen acceleration in Work From Anywhere (WFA) solutions. Other key trends include:

The emergence of ‘Intelligent Edge’ networks and solutions to propel the next generation of connectivity and efficiency, driving another wave of industry growth.

Increased migration to the cloud enabling more data-mining opportunities for value creation.

Advanced mobile services will appear as virtualised Radio Access Networks (RAN) and 5G networks become readily available.

Advancement in image quality to the 8K standard will see growth in the TV and associated content market.

Pressure on global silicon chip supplies with demand surge for a vast range of new applications from autonomous vehicles to medical devices.


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