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Through our expertise and corporate finance services, we advise energy and natural resources companies to navigate challenges within this industry. Whether it’s securing funding for new facilities or tech development, acquiring a competitor during market consolidation, enabling a management buy-out or executing a trade sale, we can make it happen.

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Despite the global pandemic, our climate continues to change and the focus on clean renewable energy is intensifying. Key trends include:

Continued development of established renewable energy sources and their mix in UK overall power output.

Evolution of newer sustainable sources and fuels, such as green hydrogen.

Development of the Grid and energy storage infrastructure. Changes in the waste-to-energy and biomass sector in the post-subsidy environment.

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The energy market has been greatly affected by the pandemic and global policies around emissions. Key trends include:

Government policies on climate control.

Volatility in the post-pandemic demand for oil  and supply uncertainties.

Short term price shocks and long term inflation of commodities including fuels.

Energy companies continuing to develop new technology to reduce global CO2 emissions and manage transition risk.


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