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Through our expertise and corporate finance services, we advise leisure, tourism and sports companies to navigate challenges within this industry. Whether it’s securing funding to support growth, acquiring a competitor during market consolidation, enabling a management buyout or executing a trade sale, we can make it happen.

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Leisure & hospitality trends

The pandemic has adversely disrupted the leisure and hospitality industry with multiple lockdowns forcing companies to pivot their business models to survive. Key trends include:

Managing accumulating debt combined with low revenues and increasing rent costs.

Preparing for rapid demand and greater working capital need as restrictions ease.

Consolidation due to prior overexpansion and cost-burden of the ‘new normal’ and staff shortages.

Implementing contactless interactions through mobile apps and Near Field Communication (NFC)

Upgrading hygiene and safety measures to offset customer concerns.

Adoption of smart, internet-connected systems to minimise contact points.

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After a decade of strong performance, the travel and tourism industry is faced with big challenges following the pandemic. Key trends include:

Staycation trends and implications.

Enhancing digital marketing to personalise the buying experience for tours and activities.

Carbon offsetting to mitigate tourist concerns around sustainability.

Emergence of wellness travel, solo travel and experience tourism as alternatives to traditional packaged holidays.


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