Selling a business

Making it happen

We can help you develop your exit strategy, value your business, find a buyer and negotiate a deal that unlocks maximum strategic value.

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Myles Hamilton
Helping you sell your business


We can help develop your strategy and unlock maximum strategic value when it’s time to exit your business.

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We can use our industry knowledge to provide an independent valuation of the business you have grown.

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We can help develop your MBO or MBI strategy, raise finance, unlock value and make your exit happen.

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We can help develop your exit strategy, minimise value erosion, find a buyer and make the trade sale happen.

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Are you a broker?

No, we are not brokers. We are professional advisors. Whilst our role often involves the introduction of parties to a deal, our value is much greater than a simple introduction service. We support you in the development and articulation of your business case, the negotiation of terms and the management of completion - all of which materially improve the end result, adding significant value to your transaction.

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Are you sector specialists?

We have specific sector knowledge derived from many years of collective deal making experience. However, we pride ourselves on the diversity of sectors we work with which challenges us to think creatively. This creative and challenging approach brings huge value to our clients when helping them to build robust business cases.

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Why should I use Shaw & Co to help me with a trade sale?

We are experts in trade sales. We have managed sale processes on behalf of clients involving some of the world's largest businesses (such as Unilever) as well as much more modest ones. We can ensure that your business is fully prepared for the transaction and maximise its value by positioning the business with buyers in the best way. Our experience lets you know what is coming so that you can stay several steps ahead of negotiations. Selling a business is the largest transaction of many business owners' lives. It is not the time to "learn on the job" but the time to ensure that you have the absolute best experts alongside you.

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Why should I use Shaw & Co to help me sell my business to a management team?

We have completed numerous sales to management teams using debt, Private Equity or fully financed by the seller. Our experience will help you navigate the pitfalls of an MBO and ensure that a robust and deliverable deal structure is agreed with your team that can be financed prudently. We will support your transaction with our project management skills allowing you and your management team to focus on the business. Our experience will ensure that your deal happens.

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Why should I use Shaw & Co to help me value my business?

We have real world experience in delivering valuation opinions. We are an ICAEW registered firm and our opinions have been used robustly in private transactions, HMRC tax cases and divorce or shareholder dispute cases as expert witness. Our exposure both to the theoretical and the practical nature of deals means that we are perfectly placed to guide you on valuation of any business.

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How do you get paid?

Our fees are predominantly "Success Fees", meaning that we get paid on completion of the deal. We take great care to make sure our fees are aligned with your goals. We take pride in our fees always being a proportion of the value we add.

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How can a corporate finance advisor help me?

Corporate finance transactions are not an everyday activity and it is unlikely you will have the up-to-date knowledge you need in your team to navigate a deal. We provide expert advice when you need it to get the right solution for you.

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Why should I use Shaw & Co to help me with a business exit?

We have taken many clients through this process. We have years of experience of helping owners assess the value of their business today, build and importantly execute a plan that delivers results. Our support is not theoretical it is based on actually exiting businesses for clients. We deliver results and make exit ambitions happen.

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We put you first

One of our six promises is to do the right thing and put your interests before ours. We work harder to achieve the best deal for you and your business.

We are immensely proud of all that we have achieved at Torchlight. We look forward to this new chapter with such credible and ambitious partners, who share our desire to bring enduring security and stability where it is needed most in the world. I’d also like to add my personal thanks to Shaw & Co for making the deal happen."

Edward Dickson
Managing Director, Torchlight Group


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