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A merger is a unique transaction where two businesses are bought together with all or most shareholders remaining invested in the combined business. Mergers require similar values, a shared purpose, and aligned cultures. Mergers do come with risk if poorly handled. Our corporate finance advisors can save you wasted time and stress by applying our expertise to help you navigate some of the more challenging aspects of a merger.

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How we can help


We can help you consider if a merger is right for you. We can help you through the complex set of considerations including cultural alignment and the significant changes that will come about in corporate governance, considering in particular the issues that come with shared control.


We can help you initiate conversations if a merger appears to be attractive to move your business forward. Mergers are not normally initiated through an active search or unsolicited approach. Often, businesses with a close working association will discuss a merger if the combination of the businesses makes commercial sense.

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We can help with the thorny issue of merger structuring. We can provide advice on relative valuations of each business, the levelling up of balance sheet assets and appropriate post-merger corporate governance.


We will manage the deal completion process ensuring all parties report and deliver on time to make the merger happen. No doubt every process will throw up unexpected challenges and we will be on hand to help you through these.



We have the expertise and capability to help you buy any type of business in any industry.


We have the capability to help you buy a business that is internationally based.


We act as a ‘circuit breaker’ to remove the emotion and difficult conversations from your hands.


Why Shaw & Co


Our highly talented people are creative, innovative and thrive when faced with a deal-making challenge. It's no surprise that we make deals happen and turn your ambition into a greater outcome.

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Fees & charges


Our objective is to ensure that our fee more than pays for itself from the value we create for you and your business.

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How can a corporate finance advisor help me?

Corporate finance transactions are not an everyday activity and it is unlikely you will have the up-to-date knowledge you need in your team to navigate a deal. We provide expert advice when you need it to get the right solution for you.

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What are the most important things to be aware of when merging with another business?

For many owners the most important thing to be aware of is a significant change in the way that the business is run. Following a merger there will be exciting opportunities to leverage the newly created scale, however decision making will now be multi-dimensional, and an owner may need to compromise more than they have done so in the past.

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What are the signs of a good business to merge with?

A merger results in a business where the combined senior management teams need to be able to work together very closely. If the businesses already have a very close working relationship before the merger it is a good sign that the deal will be successful. In addition, alignment of vision and values is even more important in a merger as one party is not ultimately in control of driving change in the other.

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What’s the difference between a merger and an acquisition?

An acquisition envisages that one party purchases control of the other. The shareholders of the acquired business receive consideration for their business in cash, loan notes or some shares. In an acquisition the shareholders of the acquired business are normally exiting or starting the process of exiting. In a merger consideration is normally ‘paper based’ meaning shares are exchanged for shares and most or all shareholders remain invested in and associated with the businesses.

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Why should I use Shaw & Co to help me merge with another business?

We have extensive experience in helping businesses merge. We understand the key drivers to making a merger successful. We can bring together our expertise to make your merger happen.

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We put you first

One of our six promises is to do the right thing and put your interests before ours. We work harder to achieve the best deal for you and your business.

"At every step of the journey, through the build up to our sale, and in the subsequent acquisition by Unilever, Shaw & Co worked with us to protect and champion Pukka’s values and mission. They have helped us find the right home in Unilever, and to create an exciting future for Pukka Herbs."

Tim Westwell, Co-Founder & CEO at Pukka Herbs


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