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Shaw & Co Launches Interim Analysis of Manufacturing and Engineering Industry

Shaw & Co launches its latest ‘Shaw Report’ which takes an interim view of M&A activity in the Manufacturing and Engineering industry.

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Karl Blockwell

Shaw & Co, the specialist corporate finance advisory firm, has launched an interim analysis of the Manufacturing & Engineering industry.

The report, which features a summary of M&A deals that have been completed since the launch of Shaw & Co’s annual Manufacturing and Engineering report last October, provides SMEs with valuable insight regarding their latest acquisition prospects.


Buoyant M&A Activity:

Deal activity has been buoyant in the M&E industry in the last year, partly as a result of deals being put on hold early in the pandemic. There were 178 M&A deals with an average deal value (adjusted for anomalies) of £45.7m.

Trouble on the Horizon?:

A number of headwinds – rising inflation and the worsening geopolitical situation - mean that the level of M&A activity may not continue. Confidence is key to dealmaking, and uncertain economic conditions can cause buyers to pull the plug.

Seize the Moment:

If an exit is desired and your business is performing well, we recommend giving consideration to launching a sale process this year rather than waiting until 2023 before current events flow through to the wider economy.

Regional Hotbeds:

The majority (64%) of M&A deals happened in the South East and North of England.

A full copy of the report is available for free download here.

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