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Through our expertise and corporate finance services, we advise manufacturing and engineering companies to navigate challenges within this industry. Whether it’s securing funding to support growth, acquiring a competitor during market consolidation, enabling a management buyout or executing a trade sale, we can make it happen.

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The ever-adapting engineering industry continues to develop new solutions that affect how designs are conceived and how projects are managed. Key trends include:

3D printing provides a new way to test and manufacture products.

Technology now enables site inspections to take place virtually whilst maintaining quality and improving safety.

Adoption of green engineering principles to improve sustainability in engineering.

Post-Brexit export potential of high precision engineering services.

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Industry 4.0 is enabling manufacturers to increase operational visibility, reduce costs, expedite production times, and deliver exceptional customer support. Key trends include:

Price volatility and supply disruption in raw materials and other inputs; skilled labour shortages.

Opportunities presented by new investment tax allowances, Free Ports and new export destinations post-Brexit.

Internet of Things (IoT) continues to influence how the industry innovates.

Embedding predictive analytics in the manufacturing process to minimise production costs.

Transitioning from B2B to B2C business models for increased go-to-market benefits.

Increasing focus on automation and robotics to replace human intervention.


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"With manufacturing accountable for around 10% of GHG emissions, the need to embrace a net zero philosophy throughout the sector becomes increasingly important. As manufacturers focus on hitting long term emissions targets, we’re helping them secure funding to adjust their operations.

Colin Burns, Director
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